Saturday, October 11, 2008


The story behind an important series of Light Music CDs is revealed by ALAN BUNTING.

Guild Music’s Golden Age Of Light Music series. Until now these treasures were the exclusive domain of the privileged few lucky enough to own the original 78s (and in a few cases, LPs and 45s) and, of course, the means to play them...
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  • Note from PercyFaithPages ed:

    Email received today from friend Bill Halvorsen...
    Greetings everyone. I have been annoying Terry Woodson for some time now (right, Terry?) for some pictures from the 2008 series of concerts in Japan - where Percy Faith's music is played by a LIVE orchestra under the direction of Mr. Woodson. Here they are! I forgot to put a bookmark on the web page, so just go to The Percy Faith Pages and scroll down 3 pages or so until you see "click here for - 2008 CONCERT PICTURES FROM TERRY WOODSON." Actually this is not a hyperlink, the hyperlinks to each picture are just below this sentence (you'll see). I need to fix this up a bit - but not right now ;( With a tremendous headache (IRA evaporation headache) I didn't do a very good job on this, but at least the pics are available for everyone to see. The pictures are a little over a megabyte in size per picture, so broadband is a must. On the plus side, you will see very good picture quality ('cept when Terry is conducting which is blurred darn it!). Sorry updates to the web page have been almost non-existent, the site has been up for 11 years more or less (let's not go into that now) and it still has no table of contents. The Horror. It would be great if everyone would write a blurb about enjoying Percy Faith's recordings in the year 2008. To me, no matter how many times I hear them, I never tire of listening to the recordings, and now that we have them available on CD's, enjoying the Lp's from the CL 500 series in the 1950's is quite a treat. The "Singles Collection Vol. III" is the most amazing in terms of time-travel, as it introduces several selections heard in stereo for the first time. One more 15-minute television show should appear "real soon now" on my site (I hope). Regards - Bill Halvorsen
    Bill's WQMR/WGAY Memories